Homeless Hotspots At SXSW

There are many videos and articles out there about homeless people, thirteen from an article I read, at SXSW being used as mobile hotspots.  Many are saying that it is dehumanizing and humiliating.

At this point I would think that my position on humanity within this blog is already documented.  I believe that all people have value and should be treated with dignity.  That we are all loved by God and that He died for us on the cross to pay our debt.  He then rose in defeat of sin and death so that we can no be called sons and daughters of God.

That being said, I don’t think that this dehumanizing.  These people are not being forced at gun point to do this.  In fact all the money that people donate to use the mobile hotspot goes directly to that particular homeless person.  In reality this may be the only job some of these people have had for awhile.

On the flip side I would hope that the company that is doing this would also help them be able to deal financially with the amount of money they will receive.  It is doubtful they will be come millionaires, however they may not be accustomed to dealing with the amount of money they will get from this event.  I would suggest some kind of financial counseling for them in order for them to utilize the money to the best of their ability.

To say that its dehumanizing is a joke.  There will always be low jobs that don’t pay much of anything.

This is one way for the event to at least help the people of the city while they are there.

For a previously homeless  person point of view go here