Worshiping Everything

No matter who you are you place your faith in something.  Job, people, money, relationships, place, etc.  You will ground yourself in these things.  If its your job you will give 110% to it.  You will work extra hours and do whatever you have to so that your boss knows you are the best.  If its people you will give 110% to it.  You will be the funniest, best dressed, the dependable one, etc.  Your friends and family will always come to you because “you can always fix it”.

I could go on and one but I think you get the point.  Whatever it is you give your all to it.  You find your worth and value in it.  What may surprise all of us is that this continually shifts and it is a fight for any of us to remain steadfast and focused.   Our ever changing life almost demands we shift our god.

God? Yeah, god.  Anything we place our hope in is really our god.  Its what we rely on and put our hope in.  Thats why when your god (if you prefer idol use it) betrays you depression and deviation set in.  Using the examples above its easy to see.

If you lose your job your hopes are dashed (for you that are more upbeat, your hopes are at least dented).  What you relied on is now gone and you feel cheated.  If you lose your friends because of random gossip you again feel betrayed and alone.

These feelings are real and should show us that we worship the created things and not the creator (Romans 1:25).  However much of the time we just jump onto the next god/idol that looks as if it will provide comfort and hope.  We do this over and over again and wonder why we can find no relief.

Now I primarily talking about those that don’t know Jesus (remember Christian you were once there!).  Those that chase the things that the world says will give hope, relief and satisfaction.  Those that don’t have Christ need only to go to Him.  Trust in Him.  The one that WILL give hope, relief and satisfaction.

However Christian remember that you too are prone to run toward these things as well.  Its more subtle for you and you are more apt to deny it but it does happen.  It is especially important for you to cling to Jesus and the power of the cross.