Music Is Good For The Soul

There is not doubt that we, as people, LOVE music!  As a culture you can see it everywhere you look.  Concerts, magazines, posters and more are everywhere.  There is good music great music and sometimes bad music (ok, most the time its bad).  On top of this there is a genre for everyone with new genres still being invented.

One of the many bands out there is Kings Kaleidoscope.  Below are a few videos about them and their new album “Asaph’s Arrows”

A Music Lovers Review Of The Album:


The Lead Singer Talking About The Album:


Preview The Album And Buy It HERE

The songs they sing are nothing new.  In fact they are all hymns (old and new).  However they are done in such a way that it brings you into worship in a way that aren’t showy.  In short, you will find yourself worshiping at your desk or on the go with Asaph’s Arrows.

You are always worshiping.  The real question is WHAT are you worshiping? God or man made things?