On The Go

I am writing this blog while at the same time watching Phineas & Ferb. So I can do both I am using my iPod to do it. Thought this would be a good time to talk about great apps to have.

1. Bible App: There are many Bible apps but only a few good ones. I prefer the ESV Study Bible Pluss. It’s the amazing resources of the ESV Study Bible in an app. If you don’t like the ESV you can always get the You Version App

2. Church Apps: Not that it’s important to have an app for your church. However it’s a nice idea if you have a technology savy church. One church that does a great job of this us Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Their app has great resources for people inside and outside the church. It’s worth a look.

3. Pictures: Pictures tell great stories and start new ones. Instagram is an app many people gave already but provides an interesting way to share events.