Graduation Gifts For Your Youth Group

With high school and college graduations coming up churches look for gifts to give those that will be leaving their church and venturing out into the world towards college or careers.  As such I wanted to give you a list of gifts that, when I was a youth pastor, we give to our graduates.  Click on the pictures to go to amazon and review the content and reviews.  I found all of the gifts listed below to be not only helpful but very theologically helpful for students that are needing guidance through this transitional point in their lives.

  1. “Death By Love”

This book is both theological and practical.  I have yet to find a book like it that uses storytelling as a way to teach deep theological truths to its readers.  The writers are Calvinist and as such it has a Calvinist leaning, however, I found it helpful for students that might not come from a Calvinist background.  The book deals with theological terms such as Justification, Propitiation, Atonement and Reconciliation just to name a few.  The writers address these topics in such ease that it is easy to understand the full meaning of each concept.

2. The ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible is something, I believe, every student should have in their Bible collection.  Each page of the ESV study Bible has notes, commentary, and reference that help the reader understand the word of God deeper.  Depending on which theological background one is from will likely determine if you prefer the ESV Study Bible or if a different translation is more to your liking.  Regardless, it’s a good Bible to have in anyone’s study collection.

3. Citizens EP

Throughout generations, one common ground has been music.  Music speaks to people in ways that some other mediums can not.  This is why I would suggest the Citizens EP as a gift for any student that likes rock/folk music.  The band is from Seattle and has a rock/hipster sound to them.  It’s worth taking a listen to in order to see if it would be something your students would like.  If so, it’s a great album to give as a gift due to his theologically sound lyrics and Christ glorifying tone.

4. The Good King

Much like the Citizens album, I would recommend “The Good King” by Ghost Ship.  Also from Seattle Ghost Ship has a deeper underlining rock tone with deep theological lyrics that will bring out truths much as the book “Death By Love” but in musical form.  Take a listen to it over at amazon and decide for yourself.


Those are my picks for student graduation gifts.  I have used the all at one point or another as gifts for the students we had graduating from our youth group or graduation college and leaving to pursue their careers.  I have found all of them both helpful and needed in the lives of those that they were given too and I hope they serve you well if you choose to give them to your students as well.